PayThunder Assist

Much more than a chatbot

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– Intelligent Wizard capable of learning from the user –

Thanks to its training mode the assistant will be able to learn from the user’s questions to make your answers more accurate and make the query experience as complete as possible.

Why use Assist?

Here are some of the reasons


Much more than a ChatBot, it is a smart virtual assistant capable of learning from the user and varies its image according to the type of question.


An Easy to install Wizard on all websites, social networks, adapted to all browsers and provides complete data analytics.


Intelligently Detects errors that later
They can be reviewed and corrected in an easy and intuitive way. Once corrected it will not be necessary to correct it more.

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With Assist, improve the functioning of your website, help your customers and solve their problems, assistance to make your purchases, make reservations or any questions.

More and more users rely on Assist

These are some of the customers who have requested Paythunder Assist ya.


Malaga Transport Company, Help the user on his trip.

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Shopping Centre of Madrid, request information about shops.

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Fairs, Congresses , exhibitions, conventions…

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